What questions should I ask before buying real estate? – Immo Placement

Buying real estate is considered the project of a lifetime. So it’s important to ask the right questions so that you don’t make the wrong choice and regret it. Whether it’s your first purchase or not, there are a few questions that seem trivial, but turn out to be crucial. There are three questions you should ask yourself before buying real estate.

Should I buy the old one or the new one?

From the moment you decide to buy a property, the first question to ask yourself is the type of property. In fact, you have to decide whether to invest in the new or the old. The answer to your question will depend on your needs and especially your budget. With the help of experts like www.action-immobilier-22.com, it’s easier to know which type of property is right for you. If you prefer the new building, it is clear that the purchase price is high (15-20% more expensive than the old one). However, the new properties allow certain assistive devices to benefit from much more flexible conditions.

If you prefer older properties, the question to ask is about stocking your fixtures. In particular, you need to know what work you need to plan and what your approximate budget is. Therefore, this type of property requires planning a remodeling budget in addition to the purchase price.

What is financing for the purchase of real estate?

Another crucial issue before buying real estate is financing. In fact, you should ask yourself what your personal donation amount is. Banks are reluctant to grant credit for real estate purchases without minimal personal contributions. After estimating what you can afford, you need to find a bank that can help you achieve your dreams. Real estate agency Action Immobilier 22 can assist you in this process. So it will be a matter of determining your lending capacity and your bank’s guarantee. However, if you are purchasing a new product, you may be eligible for national support. Don’t hesitate to ask.

What is the best location for real estate?

The location of the future real estate is an essential point to note. Should your property be close to your workplace? Do you want to use public transport quickly? Are there any shops nearby? So many questions we have to find answers to. It is also important to consider upcoming projects in your neighborhood or across the region. To do this, you simply need to get closer to City Hall and get your questions answered.

The final point you need to ask yourself is not only your current needs, but also your short, medium or long term needs. If you are planning to start a family soon, it is important to plan additional bedrooms. In this case, is the school close and easily accessible? How about daycare and daycare? It should never be overlooked. This is also why you should consider calling your real estate agent Action Immobilier 22.